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Thanks for choosing FinalEyes for your editing and writing service needs. Much more than just proofreading, my services are focused on getting your writing project ready for publication or submission.  We review and revise for not only grammar and punctuation, but also clarity and flow.  This includes compliance and accordance with publishers’ and academic guidelines. We also offer free consultation and estimates.  Feel free to contact me about your project.

In the ten plus years we have been in business, we have edited works of fiction and non-fiction, academic text books, and doctoral dissertations in a range of fields.

Copy Editing Services

Copy editing services include checking grammar and punctuation, as well as overall accessibility to the reader. As a writer first and editor second, we look at the document as a whole before diving into the details. Your voice and your intent will always be honored.

Writing Services

You may need more than just copy editing. We can help you with more substantial writing and editing tasks, including working with you on early drafts, outlines, or even rough notes. We can also help reorganize and rewrite sections, edit out weaknesses, and enhance strengths.

Publishing Partner

When You Are Ready to Launch

With an array of publishing platforms accessible to writers, it is becoming increasingly confusing to choose and pursue the best path to take your work to your readers. We are here to share my experience and assist you in the process.




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