What Is Copy Editing?

The FinalEyes copy editing service includes:

• Professional Proofreading

• Guaranteed Grammar

• Content Continuity

• Document Development

My approach is consistently both detailed and holistic. Comprehensive proofreading is pivotal no matter what the document. My clients include published and to-be-published authors, academic professors and students, professionals in fields ranging from science to the arts. In each of these fields, a misplaced comma or ambiguous sentence can compromise the credibility or skew the meaning of a document.

Yet I also know that a document is not just commas and verbs. It is your voice, your hard work, your message. I get that. So working with me means that I will work with you. This includes checking for continuity—if the name of your project is Save the Whales on page 1, I will make sure it doesn’t say Save the Whale on page 44. If something is unclear to me and I can clear it up easily for the reader, I will. If I need to consult you about your intent, I will.  I can also assist you in developing your document so that your message or story comes across to your readers as you intended, and will work with you on the scope of your project and any budget concerns you may have.  I am at your service.

Copy editing is both a skill and an art. It can be likened to refinishing furniture: careful sanding and conscientious polishing bring out the grain of your writing.

I look forward to working with you!


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