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In addition to copy editing, you may need more. If you have a collection of notes or entries from a journal, I can help you shape this raw material into a compelling narrative. Or, you may have a completed manuscript that needs re-organizing, re-focusing, or even rewriting. We begin by meeting or talking so that I can become familiar with your work and your vision. And remember, the first hour of consultation is free.

What I most enjoy is collaborating with the writer to guide the work from its origins to completion. I have worked with a spectrum of authors on children’s books, novels, memoirs, self-help, technical manuals, edited anthologies, marketing publications and many other genres. I honor each author’s voice and end goal so that the work is professional but never cliché or formulaic. Writing can be difficult but rewarding.  Let me help you reach the reward.  I look forward to working with you.


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